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Real Estate in the Spotsylvania Area

Part of the Washington D.C. metro area, so convenient for commuters and employment opportunities, but standing apart as a quieter, more relaxing place to live, Spotsylvania, VA is perhaps the best of both worlds. Like much of the region, history plays an important part in shaping Spotsylvania, in particular the Civil War. Close to the sites of events that shaped the nation, including the Battle of Fredericksburg and Battle of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania manages to maintain a grasp on history while looking towards the future.

Perhaps the most famous area is Spotsylvania Courthouse, the site of a brutal battle and also the county seat. The battle site is now permanently preserved as part of the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania County Battlefields Memorial National Military Parks, fantastic educational facilities that give a flavor of the times and interesting insight into the history of the area.

For anyone looking to buy a home in Spotsylvania, VA, there is so much to recommend. While there are an abundance of educational sites and museums that showcase the history of the area, this is an area that has much more to offer. You can pan for gold as you take a tour of the Goodwin Gold Mine, found at the sublime Lake Anna State park. A wonderful place to visit, perfect for family days out whether it is exploring the countryside or relaxing at the beach.

Spotsylvania, VA is also a great place for those who love an active outdoor lifestyle, from mountain biking and horseback riding to hiking, water skiing, and boating are all on offer. Homes in Spotsylvania, VA are great for families, singles and retired households alike. In addition, Spotsylvania enjoys wonderful amenities, with excellent shopping, eating and entertainment, so it will come as no surprise that Spotsylvania, VA real estate is in demand.

At the last census over 40% of homes had children under the age of 18, with a median age for the population of 34 years. Just 8% of Spotsylvania residents are over 65, making it a relatively young community. To support that young community, there is an excellent educational system that includes 17 elementary schools, 7 middle schools and 5 high schools. In addition, for those thinking of buying property in Spotsylvania, VA, there are 8 private schools in the region. In addition, there is a higher education in Fredericksburg, The University of Mary Washington.

As a growing community, there are many local job opportunities, mainly with both national and local government, including the running of several civil war memorial parks and museums, along with the general infrastructure of the city itself. Easy travel to larger employment areas including Washington D.C. make Spotsylvania real estate a wonderful option for commuters, providing the chance to work in the capitol while living in the peaceful surroundings of this area.

Real estate in Spotsylvania, VA offers so much choice, with everything from period homes to modern apartments, even cabins outside of the city for those looking for a rural getaway. Properties near the I95 give the easiest access to Washington D.C. for commuters, but those looking for homes in Spotsylvania will find that any area is fine for transport. Property prices are reasonably stable, and for commuters, the average cost per square foot is around 25% less than the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Metro area.

For most buyers, that means better value for Spotsylvania real estate, another reason why so many are looking to move to the area. The median selling price or Spotsylvania is $270,000. And the market remains buoyant, with properties selling quickly when priced appropriately, and an average of 150 properties selling per month. Whether your style is for an older period residence in Spotsylvania Courthouse, a modern townhouse or a large lot, Spotsylvania real estate provides plenty of choice, with quality properties to suit most budgets available.

Spotsylvania has a lot to offer for everyone, from those looking to raise a family to a couple looking for a place to retire, Spotsylvania real estate can put you in the right place to fulfil your dreams. Surrounded by history but with an eye on the future, Spotsylvania property lets you join a growing, exciting community in a beautiful area with so much to see and do. A less frantic pace of life, easy commuting, excellent schools all help to make real estate in Spotsylvania attractive for all.

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